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Welcome to The Learning Quest Ltd

The Learning Quest offers you:

Not just another Training Consultancy company - The Learning Quest consultant will work with you to determine your training or project needs. Having an extensive experience of working with people in a wide variety of business and organisational contexts, the consultant will leave you feeling confident that their proposals are full of insight and the bespoke training program has not only been designed specifically to meet your needs but will be delivered with complete effectiveness.

A service that takes your problems and turns them into solutions

A service that results in a significantly more effective workforce

A service that leads to a better performing organisation

With 28 years experience in education, HR training and development, you are sure to be given innovative and creative solutions

Our Core Values:



Personable and Friendly


Engaging and Enthusiastic

Passion - Everyone working in and with The LQ are passionate about what they do; their subject areas, and all are dedicated to self development encouraging others to reach their full potential.


Integrity - Everything completed within The LQ is done in a true and honest manner.


Personable and Friendly - All individuals working within The LQ are friendly, personable and are great to be with.


Professional -All individuals are consummate professionals, not only fully qualified in their field but have vast experience in a variety of sectors.


Engaging and Enthusiastic - Our firm belief is that anyone coming on a workshop or has received a service from The LQ will be delighted with the experience. Our approach is one of fully engaging you as we demonstrate an enthusiastic and energetic stance

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