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Team Working


With extensive experience and guided facilitation the Learning Quest consultant is able to assist individuals to get a greater insight into themselves and their role in both the team and organisation. Gaining such clarity will not only benefit the individual but also the team and organisation.


The ability to manage and motivate a team is a fundamental skill too frequently ignored by managers in the 21st century. Every team will have its strengths and weaknesses. The LQ specialises in working with both small and large teams who need to increase their effectiveness.


Using diagnostics and team exercises together with experienced facilitation, teams are able to pinpoint their improvement needs and generate achievable action plans.


Testimonials are available on request.


Examples of Team Building:


Cancer Charity


A cancer charity wanted to improve how the whole team worked together and improve their overall effectiveness. A series of fun, interactive workshops was designed that enabled all staff to come together and consider ways of improving communication and the way they worked collectively. A realistic action plan helping everyone to move forward was agreed by all staff and put into place.


Local Authority IT Department:


This need arose from a large number of changes the authority was going through and negativity that staff were experiencing. Staff on an

`Away day' were able to discuss the changes and the impact these were having on each other and also consider ways of increasing the overall team's effectiveness. Change theories were explored and team building activities undertaken helped participants identify ways of improving how they work together. A workable action plan was generated and put into place.


Housing Association


A large department of 50 staff wanted to increase their overall effectiveness . A one day workshop was designed and delivered which helped them identify the characteristics of an effective team and assess their own effectiveness. Team exercises were completed and learning shared with one another before generating an action plan to move the whole team forward.




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